If you need an energy boost to get you through the day then include some great foods into your diet. Fill up with the right foods and you will soon feel more energetic. Here are ten great energy foods to include in your diet.

  1. Blueberries – I personally cannot get enough of them at the moment. They are so delicious in smoothies for breakfast or in a muffin as a treat or with some other fruit with cream as a dessert. Blueberries are low-calorie and help to stabilise blood glucose levels, as they slow down digestion. They are also in fighting premature ageing and help to fend off colds.
  2. Spinach – another of my favourites which we have started buying frozen rather than fresh as they are quick to cook in the micorwave and taste just as good as fresh spinach. It is one of the most energising foods you can eat and contains iron which we all need in our diet.
  3. Oats – I pop some in my smoothy or make a porridge both of which are delicious for breakfast. I also use them in cooking for myself and the kids. I make a mean flapjack with them, even though I say so myself. They are rich in B vitmains and are brilliant to keep your feeling energised.
  4. Eggs – well who doesn’t like eggs and you can use them up is so many forms. They are considered a complete protein because they contain all of the nine essential amino acids,which means they do a great job of keeping you energised throughout the day.
  5. Almonds – I only really got into almonds a few years ago but now have a handful regularly with my lunch and use in cakes. They say snacking on these in an afternoon can be a real pick-me-up. These are also high in B Vitamins which help to perk you up instantly.
  6. Quinoa – this can hep you recharge your body’s batteries with this superfood which is rich in magnesium and is also high in fibre, protein and iron to help put a spring into your step.
  7. Avocado – and yet another of my favourites which I enjoy for breakfast/and or lunch on a piece of toasted rye break, yummy. It is high in protein which will help you to feel fuller for longer and has omega 3 fatty acids which will give you concentration a boost.
  8. Bananas – another of my baking products. I bake a chocolate and banana loaf cake for my kids on a regular basis and my granddaughter will only eat my recipe !!!! They contain complex carbohydrates, fibre and B vitamins. Also great in a smooth.
  9. Ginger – Ginger can really ramp up your energy levels. A strong ginger biscuit and a cup of tea will make you feel energised instantly. It is good for lowering blood-sugar levels in diabetic patients, which helps to increase energy levels and the antioxidant gingerols in the spice also help to fight inflammation and increase immunity. A must at the moment.
  10. Kidney Beans – They are full of fibre, which keeps hunger pangs at bay and help to banish blood sugar levels and can be added to lots of dishes including chillie, soups, stews and curries.


Here’s another ten great baking tips…

1. To extend the life of your cake, store with half an apple.

2. Take your butter out of the fridge in advance so it is nice and soft.

3. For a great rolling pin, fill a wine bottle (after you have enjoyed it) with warm water and replace the cork securely or preferably use a screw top wine bottle.

4. If you do not have any cake liners then spray your cake tins with sunflower spray oil, it saves messing with butter.

5. If you forgot to get your eggs out for baking then pop them into a bowl and cover with hot water. Remove a couple of minutes before baking.

6. Get even portions of cupcake mixture by using an ice-cream scoop.

7. For perfect sponges use the same weight of eggs, flour, sugar and butter.

8. Invest in an oven thermometer.

9. Keep cookies fresh by putting a slice of bread in the airtight container with them.

10. Sift your flour it will transform your baking.


Here are eight great reasons why you can enjoy chocolate, even though it wouldn’t take much for me to enjoy it anyway

1.A study from 2014 found that dark chocolate helps restore flexibility to arteries while also preventing white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels – both common causes of artery clogging.

2. Dark chocolate is packed with beneficial minerals such as potassium, zinc and selenium, and a 100g bar of dark (70 per cent or more) chocolate provides 67 per cent of the RDA of iron.

3. Cocoa contains chemicals called polyphenols, and eating chocolate with high polyphenol levels – like that found in dark chocolate – could improve ‘good’ cholesterol levels, according to registered nutritionist Gaynor Bussell.

4. People who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner, according to a study of more than 1,000 people who were all asked: ‘How many times a week do you consume chocolate?’ The researchers, who published their results in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found people who ate chocolate a few times a week were, on average, slimmer than those who only ate it occasionally – even after the other foods in their diet were taken into account.

5. It’s good for your skin. Chocolate has skin softening properties, probably as it contains cocoa butter. Hydration of the skin is possible – chocolate is a good moisturizer.

6. A Finnish study found that chocolate reduced stress in expectant mothers, and that the babies of such mothers smiled more often than the offspring of non-chocolate-eating parents.

7. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which is the same chemical that your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love. PEA encourages your brain to release feel-good endorphins. You can enjoy it pure or used on desserts.

8. Eating chocolate increases our endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

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We all like sharp knives when it’s time to chop some ingredients for our dishes but do you know which knives are the best ones to buy or how to keep them sharp? Well, here are a few tips on some knife skills.

  1. Never, ever put knives (for chopping) into the dishwasher as it will blunt them beyond repair.
  2. To sharpen a knife, hold the steel vertically, resting the tip on a worktop. With the knife in your dominant hand, carefully run the blade from its heel to the tip in one smooth action down the length of the steel at a 20 percent angle, then repeat on the other side.
  3. Make sure your chopping board is secure on the worktop and will not move around when you start chopping on it.
  4. Buy a bamboo chopping board as they absorb less liquid than wood so are less likely to warp or crack, and are more resistant to marking from sharp knives.
  5. Try with a bigger knife to start as it will give you maximum control.

To find out more or brush up your skills take a look at, or check out Simply Recipes on how to chop an onion.

Source: Tesco, Simply Recipes


The World’s Healthiest Afternoon Tea Week takes place between 17th-24th May 21 and is fundraising for holiday food provision for children living in poverty and from low-income backgrounds.

The Caroline Walker Trust is raising funds for activities which improve the quality of holiday and after school food provision for children living in poverty and low-income families.  The Trust is also acutely aware that due to the recent closures of schools and the ongoing uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, more children will be in need of adequate nutritious food during extended breaks.

Host your own healthy afternoon tea with family, friends and colleagues, at your work, local school, community centre, place of worship, park, club or café, to support activities that provide healthier food options for children during the holidays, extended breaks and after school.

There are over four million children in the UK who already live below the breadline that go hungry every holiday.  In some areas, over a third of school children would normally have access to a free school meal during term time.  For many, this may also be their only meal. Unfortunately, school breaks hit them particularly hard, forcing them to go without adequate food.  For those from low-incomes, after school provision of food options in most areas often comprises unhealthy takeaway options, leading to obesity and rising health inequalities at an early age.

The number of children in poverty is set to increase over the coming months as self-isolation and the uncertainty of employment continues.  It may be that schools reopen and periodically close again, leaving more children without adequate and/or nutritious food for lunch and afternoon tea.  The Caroline Walker Trust aims to improve holiday, term breaks and after school food provision for children living in poverty and from low-incomes.

You can make a massive difference to the lives of children by hosting a healthy afternoon tea at your work, school or favourite community organisation. 

All the monies raised will provide;

  • Activities which support and improve the quality of holiday food provision for children living in poverty,
  • After school projects supporting healthier food options for children from low income-based families,
  • Resources, information and expertise to enhance the quality of food and the improvement of the nation’s health.