An excellent way to start your day is with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. It has many amazing benefits, including keeping you energised throughout the day. With 65% of your coffee consumption at home, now is the perfect time to enhance your morning coffee routine by making some easy changes with minimum effort. It might surprise you that coffee is not that easy to make, especially if you want to have the best cup every morning. Making the perfect morning brew requires a lot of attention to detail, from the type of coffee beans to measuring the right amounts of water and so much more. With these helpful tips, it’s time to take your coffee brewing skills to the next level. 

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  1. Find the right beans…

Finding the best coffee beans for your perfect morning brew doesn’t need to be stressful. Think of it as a fun experience of trying different tastes until you find what you want. Plus, it always helps to know more about coffee beans to find one that suits your preferences. Most coffee products come in three main types: Robusta, Arabica and Liberica coffee beans. But you might notice immediately that most products use the terms “blends” and “origins” a lot of the time. Origins tell you where the coffee beans are from, so a single-origin coffee bean comes from one place. On the other hand, blends are beans from several origins and are mixed to produce a unique flavour. Knowing these differences would help you know what type of coffee beans you are looking for. 

It’s best to start with beans from a single origin, especially if you are new to drinking coffee regularly. That way, you can appreciate the pure taste of coffee better. You can better compare which type you like when you finally drink a blend.

2.Invest in a coffee grinder

Grinding your own coffee beans means you would have an extra fresh cup of coffee. Grinding also enhances the flavour of your coffee. Moreover, using a coffee grinder will help you grind and finely chop your beans more consistently so it doesn’t clump up when brewing. 

If you are looking for the best coffee grinders on the market, it always helps to know what features you are looking for. Most coffee grinders tend to come in either manual or automatic makes. Manual grinders are an excellent choice if you want something more durable. But if you are on the go and do not have that luxury of time, you should get an automatic coffee grinder. 

3. Add new ingredients

Your usual cup of morning coffee might be enough to perk you up and help you through the day. But if you’re tired of the same old taste, why not try adding some extra ingredients to give your taste buds something new to enjoy? If you tend to drink pure black coffee and are looking for a change, you can try adding creamers and sweeteners. The good thing about these additions is that they come in different flavours, so you can never get bored with one taste. If sugar isn’t for you, you can use cinnamon instead. For more of a challenge, why not try your hands at making some coffee shop drinks. There are many coffee types worth exploring, from cappuccino and macchiato to latte. 

4. Clean your coffee maker regularly

If you drink coffee regularly, it is vital to develop the habit of giving your coffee maker a good clean at least once or twice a week. Ensure that you use a clean filter each time you make a serving, and if you have a drip coffee maker, clean it thoroughly with a water and vinegar solution to get rid of the smell of coffee residue. You can also get a self-cleaning coffee maker if cleaning seems tedious or you have a busy lifestyle. Plus, it would keep your coffee maker in top condition at all times.

5. Use clean water

The kind of water you use when brewing your coffee may play a role in whether you’d have the perfect cup or not. Be sure you use clean or filtered water for a pleasant experience. Tap water, for example, is filled with minerals that can affect the taste of your morning brew. On the other hand, filtered water is a much better option, as it doesn’t have any leftover impurities. 

Take your mornings to the next step by upping your coffee routine to help you seize and make the most of your day. With these tips, you will make the perfect brews in no time.

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