I have just published my book ‘A Little Book on Tea Cake & Chocolatewhich would make a great gift for anyone who loves tea, cake and chocolate. 

This little book on tea and cake is a guide about one of our favourite beverages. It explains tea pairings, tea and chocolate, tea and health, tea and sandwiches, fascinating tea facts, buying the right tea, tea to help you sleep and tea cozies and teapots. It also features over one hundred tips on baking cakes and has some recipes for delicious loaf cakes. It finishes with several lovely tea quotes.

A great book for any tea devotee. It’s available on Amazon for £2.99

Over the last three months of spending hours after hours and days after days at the hospital, where my Dad was,  I started making notes of some of my posts on tea, cake and chocolate as I felt sure I could use it in a book.

There are nineteen chapters which cover all the tea topics I have mentioned above plus tips on how to make the best cake, pastry, and more. I also cover baking apps and recipe books old and new.

I finally finished it at the weekend and it is now available to buy as a paperback and hopefully as a kindle read soon. I would love some feedback if any readers bought the book.




The latest Sugar Free Desserts Recipe Book by Quick Start Guide


To Cooking Sugar-Free Cakes, Desserts and Sweet Treats. Over 80 Sweet And Delicious Sugar-Free Recipes To Make Quitting Sugar Easy by Quick Start Guides available on Amazon for your Kindle or Paperback…

With Christmas on the way out we can’t help but start thinking about how to lose a few pounds in the New Year but after eating so much sweet food over Christmas the thought of not having any makes it harder to motivate us.

That was until I saw this book which is perfect for any sweetaholics and a book to start you on the right track. There is something for everyone, from traditional family favourites to innovative energy balls, pies and brownies, using natural sweetness and low carb ingredients.

It has over 80 Delicious Sugar Free Recipes For Cakes, Desserts, Cookies and Sweet Treats so you can treat yourself to a sweet healthy dessert and lose weight at the same time. A brilliant book for anyone with a sweet tooth.



I just couldn’t resist downloading this book,The Minimalist Cleaning Method
I mean I am sure we are ALL house proud (defo me) but anything that would do it quicker is a must for me. This book is brilliant it has lists on minimalist cleaning supplies, how to protect your home from dirt and cleaning recipes for all the the following –

Spray cleaners
Bucket cleaners
Furniture polish
Powdered cleansers
Liquid soaps
Drain cleaners
Toilet bowl cleaners
Air fresheners
Laundry supplies
Dishwashing liquid
Personal care recipes
Insect control solutions

If you are tired of the old inefficient, expensive ways of cleaning then, The Minimalist Cleaning Method contains the answers you have been looking for.

After my daughter moved recently the shower screen was always difficult to keep clean (hard water problem etc) until I used one of the cleaning recipes on here and now it looks just like new.


Jamies Comfort Food

Jamie’s Comfort Food is still number one in the Amazon best seller list,

Jamie’s new cookbook brings together 100 ultimate comfort food recipes. It’s all about the dishes that are close to your heart, that put a smile on your face and make you feel happy, loved, safe and secure.

Inspired by everything from childhood memories to the changing of the seasons, and taking into account the guilty pleasures and sweet indulgences that everyone enjoys, it’s brimming with exciting recipes you’ll fall in love with.

It’s also available from Amazon for £9.99 instead of the RRP of £30


The Seafront Tea Rooms

Although my book reviews on this blog would normally be about cookery books, I just couldn’t resist including a review on this beautiful story.

The Seafront Tea Rooms is written by Vanessa Green and is a lovely story about a journalist who is on a mission to find Britains best tea rooms.

Charlotte (the journalist) comes across the ‘Seafront Tea Rooms’ in Scarborough and knows it is a very special tea room that would be great for her article. But (Kathryn) a single mother who uses the tea rooms as her sanctuary talks her out of including it in her article by saying she will join her on her search. Another regular from the Seafront Tea Room (Serephine) is a French au pair with a love of pastry making.

All three travel around the country to find other tea rooms. But of course this is a book of fiction and fun so the story soon takes on, romance, tea and of course cake and the tale of the true friendship.

If you didn’t fancy a piece of cake before you read this book you will definitely fancy one when you have finished it. Enjoy…



Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet is a book on the best of home baking.

This is Dan Lepard’s first book but he certainly seems to know his stuff.

It’s filled with mouth-watering sweet and savoury recipes as well as a host of tips and tricks.

With gorgeous inspiring pictures to browse through, you will soon be popping the pinney on and getting the baking tins out.

A great book for Mothers Day.