Have you always fancied living the good life, growing your own vegetables and making your own jams?

Well, if you have ‘A Slice of the Good Life’, by Sheherazade Goldsmith is the book for you.

It’s a beginner’s guide to living life more sustainably, and even people living in a flat can benefit from it as it explains how to grow herbs indoors.

A brilliant beginners guide to growing your own, which is explained in clear and easy to read jargen.

I can’t wait to get started on my own herb garden.


10 thoughts on “A SLICE OF THE GOOD LIFE…

  1. Yes have done it in the past and loved the life, animals,herbs, spices, vegetables, whatever, but it is very hard work and there comes a time when it as to end when it gets to be enough to look after a small garden and one small dog or cat and ones self.xx


    1. You are reminding me to dig out my pots any time and plant my herbs. I have to keep them inside on the windowsill growing until after the Full Moon in June due to possibility of frost this far north. Many blessings!


    2. That’s true avenscent, sounds really cool but hard work but I am determined to grow some herbs and veg this year but can only do pots due to my back 🙂


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