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Place the egg in a bowl of water, if it sinks and lies on its side, it’s fresh.

If it sinks and stands large-end up, it’s on the turn so use within a couple of days.

If it floats, bin it, as it’s gone off.


tea maker

The new Breville One-Touch Tea Maker is a revolutionary tea experience. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea. Push the basket button and watch the basket cycle in and out of immersion. Seeing is believing.

Different tea varietals such as Black, Green, White, and Oolong require exact water temperatures and controlled brew times to allow their unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing. The One-Touch Tea Maker eliminates the guesswork so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea, every time.

Fully programmable for all types of tea, water temperatures, and steep times. The moving tea basket allows water to circulate freely around the individual tea leaves for maximum infusion. Set the timer and wake up to the aroma of your favorite brew. The German-made Schott glass kettle is durable and stain resistant.


Tea pot

Did you know that there is an art to steeping your tea ? Get it wrong and the tea can taste quite different. Follow the guide below to the temperature and time you should steep your tea for.

Black Tea – 206°F – 97°C – 2-3 minutes
Green Tea – 175°F – 79°C – 1 minute
Herbal Tea – 208°F – 98°C – 4-5 minutes
Oolong Tea – 195°F – 90°C – 3 minutes
White Tea – 175°F – 80°C – 30 seconds
Rooibos Tea – 208°F – 98°C – 5-6 minutes
Chai Tea – low boil – 10-10 minutes

If you go to you can find out exactly what to steep each type of tea in, and anything else you may want to find out about steeping your tea.


Ramada York

The Ramada York, Fairfield Manor has an elegant afternoon tea with scones which they serve in their Garden Lounge or out on the patio on a sunny day.

Relax in the Yorkshire countryside at this !8th Century Hotel which blends modern with old-world style.

Fairfield Manor is an impressive country house which stands in six acres of private grounds and the perfect place to stop for afternoon tea. You can sink into a deep armchair and curl up with a book while enjoying your afternoon tea of home-made sandwiches, fruit scones and the obligatory clotted cream and jam.
Ramada York, Fairfield Manor, Fairfield Manor, Skipton, Road, Skepton, York, Yorksire YO30 1XW.


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According to The Telegraph, Earl Grey Tea fans are up in arms about the ‘new recipe’ for Earl Grey from Twinings.

Maker Twinings trumpeted that adding “a dash of lemon and a touch more bergamot” would create its “best ever” tipple.

Apparently there is trouble brewing as hundreds have complained on the company’s website and a Facebook campaign page called ‘Bring back the original Twinings Earl Grey tea’.

Twinings was founded by Thomas Twining after he opened a tea room on the Strand in London in 1706.
It launched the first brand of Earl Grey tea in 1831, naming it after the Prime Minister of the day, Charles Grey.

The distinctive taste is created by infusing black tea with the oil of the bergamot orange from South-East Asia.

The question is could this be just a storm in a teacup or will Twinings have to go back to the drawing board and bring the original recipe back.