Tea pot

Did you know that there is an art to steeping your tea ? Get it wrong and the tea can taste quite different. Follow the guide below to the temperature and time you should steep your tea for.

Black Tea – 206°F – 97°C – 2-3 minutes
Green Tea – 175°F – 79°C – 1 minute
Herbal Tea – 208°F – 98°C – 4-5 minutes
Oolong Tea – 195°F – 90°C – 3 minutes
White Tea – 175°F – 80°C – 30 seconds
Rooibos Tea – 208°F – 98°C – 5-6 minutes
Chai Tea – low boil – 10-10 minutes

If you go to you can find out exactly what to steep each type of tea in, and anything else you may want to find out about steeping your tea.

9 thoughts on “HOW TO STEEP TEA…

  1. In my experience, the amount of time black tea needs to brew varies between 3 minutes and 7 minutes. With something with small leaf, like English Breakfast, 3 minutes can be enough. The larger the leaves get, the longer it seems to need. My current batch of Yunnan seems to need 7.

    I tend to give the green tea just 30 seconds, at just off the boil.

    I think we all have different preferred tastes!


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