Whittard’s have some delicious teas including this Wonderland Tea Selection @ £12 – This curious gift set packed with three traditional English teas its good enough to make even the Queen of Hearts happy.

Inside youll find subtly citrussy Earl Grey with its distinctive bergamot aroma, and our beautifully floral English Rose tea. Then theres our classic English Breakfast: with its malty richness and full-bodied intensity, its no surprise that its our number one bestseller. Theres 30 individually wrapped teabags in total, so youve got a whole month of elegantly excellent tea to enjoy. It contains 10 individually wrapped English Breakfast teabags, 10 individually wrapped Earl Grey teabags, and 10 individually wrapped English Rose teabags.

There Summer Selection includes Peaches and Cream – blended mellow peach pieces with sweet apple and a hint of rosehip for a delicate, dessert-worthy treat – and it beats making a mess of your trusty picnic rug with those tinned peaches and pots of cream…£8 for the mini caddy.

Or how about Ginger Beer a spicy-sweet medley of ginger and candied ginger, layer it with refreshing spearmint and luscious lemongrass and you have a cup with serious character. Meet their taste bud tingling infusion: Ginger Beer. Or Rhubarb Punch – Sip a cup of summer with their rowdy Rhubarb Punch: it’s their way of celebrating the brightest flavours of an English country garden. They have balanced their rhubarb with elderberries, whole apple pieces and bright hibiscus, adding mellow strawberry and blackberry leaves for body. Brew it hot for a punchy fruity infusion to wake up your taste buds; or try it loaded with ice on sunny days.


Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea is offering free vitamin tea just by signing up for their newsletter.

Eloments is made from 100% natural ingredients and is filled with vitamins and minerals. Herbal teas are perfect for cleansing your body and giving you a boost.

There are loads of different flavours up for grabs, including Double Lemon Green Tea, Egyptian Mint Tea, and Masala Chai.

Eloments is a women-owned fair trade brand that was founded by Nicole Lamond and Julie Hirsch out of a love for natural products and ethical business.

Nicole was a Founding Member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and running a fair trade tea company, and Julie was the Deputy Director of an Australian Environmental NGO.

Eloments Vitamin Tea blends some of the best Fairtrade ingredients in the world – from Egyptian mint, hand-picked vanilla pods and Ceylon tea – with organic vitamins and minerals from fruits and other botanicals.

The London Tea Company are giving away FREE samples of their delicious herbal teas, how exciting!

Herbal Teas are the perfect hot drink to unwind with after a busy day. London Tea is committed to sourcing tea responsibly, offering a range of Fairtrade certified teas and herbal infusions. They do a whole host of delicious flavours, including Peach & Rhubarb, Pure Camomile, Raspberry, Ginger & Vanilla, Sencha Green Tea and loads more.

To get your free sample (limited amount)  follow the link below to The London Tea Company ‘Contact Us’ page on their website. Complete your contact details and change the ‘Enquiry Type’ to ‘Sample Request’.

The London Tea have also got a competition you can enter to win a year’s supply of their brand new range of fully Fairtrade certified teas. The prize consists of 6 boxes of each of the following blends: London Breakfast, Earl Grey, Sencha Green Tea, Pure Peppermint, Pure Camomile, Pure Rooibos, Tropical Green Tea, Vanilla Chai, Raspberry Inferno, Zesty Lemon & Ginger, White Tea Pear Tatin and Peach & Rhubarb Flavoured Herbal Infusion. That’s 1440 tea bags which is more than enough to keep you going for the next 365 days. Only open to those consumers based in the UK.

Tea-shirt are giving away FREE Samples of their tasty new tea. They have lots of funky flavours, including Marshmallow, Mango & Coconut, even Gin & Tonic!

To get your sample, simply follow this link and add your free samples to your basket. You will have to pay a small amount of postage (99p) for this freebie.

You can choose from herbal, green tea, black or fruit tea samples.

Options: ReikiAssam MoranDarjeeling DecafWu LuStrawberry & LycheeBarbados Rum

Conditions: New customers only. 1 free sample per customer. If more samples are selected, the customer will receive the first item on the order list. Promotion cannot be combined with others. Royal Mail 2nd class postage not included.

Dalgety Herbal Teas are also offering a herbal tea taster, just head to their website and fill your details in. They have a selection which include Honey & Ginger, Camomile and Lemongrass, Slimline Tea, Green Tea and Ginger, and more here.






I know I keep writing about all things weight loss but it’s January and everyone talks about it.

Twinings have an abundance of different types of Green Tea available for only £1 at the moment, as well as any fruit or herbal tea until the end of January.


At the same time Whittard Chelsea are promoting their Limited Edition Wellness Teas. As well as their organic weight loss, detox slimming Green Tea, their new range includes flavours like ‘Summer Pudding‘, which is explosively fruity, an all year-round British summer cuppa inspired by the classic dessert.

Moringa and Bamboo‘  which they say Health food fans will have heard of moringa – which they have matched its taste with refreshing lime.

Golden Tumeric’Quirky, which is an aromatic tea bursting with the flavours of India, their homage to the famed spice and their ‘Matcha Green Tea‘ coated in matcha to make a pretty unique experience and a punchy flavour.



Heath & Heather are what they like to be called ‘herbal pioneers’. A well established tea company which started back in 1920.

They blend fruit and herbal infusions that are free from artificial ingredients at affordable prices.

They have built their reputation on using 100% natural fruit and herbal infusions, and using no artificial flavours or colourings.

The products range from some with antioxidant properties like the popular green tea, to all types of relaxing teas such as Camomile, and Night Time. Some other teas include Rosehip for wellbeing, and lemon and ginger.

They have a great range to choose from and would make an ideal gift for someone for Christmas. I always drink Camomile before I go to bed and swear by its calming effects. They share their online shop with Typhoo, but also have a mail order form.

Heath and Heather


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Dr. Stuart’s Valerian Plus – great for sleeplessness – it has Valerian and hops, both of which are good for restlessness – available from Waitrose and Tesco.

Salus House Lemon Balm – feeling blue – it has lemon balm – available from

Pukka Harmonise Organic Herbal Tea – great for menopause – it has shavatari, a hormone mimicking herb plus relaxing vanilla and rose – available from

Napiers Aperient Tea Blend – great for slimming – it has senna, cleavers and yarrow which aids elimination and help detox your system – available from

Leaf Teas Balancing Infusion – great for relaxing your mood – it has cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, rose petals and coriander to soothe your mood – available from

Yogi Tea Calming Tea – great for stress – it has gotu kola and lemon grass to support the nervous system, plus chamomile and lavender – available from

Pukka Herbs Detox Tea – great for bloated waistlines – it has cardamom, coriander, fennel and celery seeds to relax the digestive system – available from Tesco and

Napiers Back Ache Blend – great for aching backs (of course) – it has pulsatilla, spearmint rose and cramp bark which have relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects – available from

Neal’s Yard Remedies Beautiful Skin Tea – great for blemished skin – it has antioxidant properties of rosehip, bilberry, goji fruit and orange.

Birt and Tang ImuPlus Herbal Tea – great for colds and sneezes – it has astralagus and licorice in it – available from