Well, summer is slowly slipping by but there seems to be lots of foodie awareness days and events for September so keep your eyes posted for the news. I hope my readers have enjoyed my July posts which included :

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If you love to drink different types of teas and are always looking for anything that can help you lose weight then the list of 10 teas that may help with weight loss will interest you. I found the list on the online site Parade.

Parade say that research confirms the benefits of green tea for weight loss. “Tea contains a compound called catechins, which is correlated with a reduction in visceral fat,” says Brenda Peralta, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant for Sensible Digs. “Catechins have the ability to kill fat cells, resulting in weight loss.”

Caffeine is another compound found in tea, mainly in black tea. Since caffeine helps boost energy, “this leads to people moving more throughout the day, resulting in higher calorie burning, which results in weight loss,” Peralta explains.

The following teas just may help with weight loss –

Green Tea – green tea is high in catechin content and can help get rid of visceral fat, the fat around your midsection

Black Tea – Black tea is high in caffeine, which helps increase energy and burning more calories throughout the day

Valerian Tea – helps with sleep and people who get enough sleep are in a healthier weight range.

Oolong – it has antioxidants that have been studied to reduce fat absorption

White Tea – white tea works the same as green tea.

Pu-erh Tea – pu-erh tea can lead to weight reduction and lower BMI. As a fermented tea, it also promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria

Dandelion Tea – Dandelion tea is a diuretic, which will help you lose water weight.

Peppermint Tea – Peppermint tea helps keep hunger at bay.

Ginger Tea – a great tea for reducing inflammation and bloating.

Rooibos Tea – Rooibos tea is filled with aspalathin, which lowers stress hormones that can stimulate appetite.

Source: Parade