The Times of India and Let’s Drink Tea have some unique ways to reuse your tea bags.

  1. They can remove grease from utensils with ease. Simply soak the utensils in a hot water blend with told tea bags. Soak for a few hours or overnight and wash the usual way. The compounds in tea help to remove the dirt naturally. It also works on plates, pots, and rustic pans.
  2. After you have brewed your tea, take a pan and soak the used teabags. Once it is at room temperaure add it to a spay bottle with a dash of lime juice. Clean surfaces with this blend especially cooker tops or glass tables. Simply wipe using a kitchen towel to clean the surface.
  3. If you are cooking meat and want to reduce the cooking time then add some hot water to a large bowl, steep in the used tea bags and once the flavour is released marinate the meat. The presence of tannis in the tea will help in softening the meat and reduce cooking time.
  4. After brewing your tea, cut open the tea bags and place them on a tray to dry naturally. You can then use these tea leaves to reduce bad odours or smells around the house. You can also add them crushed dried to your aroma oils. Tea leaves like mint, cinnamon, or lemongrass are perfect for this.
  5. Tea can actually give new life to dull hardwood floors and wood furniture, by enhancing their shine. Steep two used tea bags in a pint of warm water, then take the mixture and buff your wood with a soft microfiber cloth. The gentle coloring will enhance the richness of the wood and give it a new, fresh shine.
  6. Tea can actually absorb odors, so place some used tea bags in the back of your refrigerator. The tea bags will keep your fridge smelling fresh. Replace them every month to keep everything smelling great.

Source: Times of India, Let’s Drink Tea


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