For lovers of porridge, today is World Porridge Day.

The first World Porridge Day coincided with the day an American, Mattew Cox, won the golden spurtle at the World Porridge Championship? What a great day for porridge lovers.

National Day explains the History of Porridge Day –

In the world of breakfasts, porridge reigns supreme as a delicious, simple food that can be enjoyed in several ways. Historically, porridge was a reliable staple for nutritional and health benefits in different parts of the world, including Europe and Africa. Porridge was also common in the Mediterranean area, Africa and Latin America.

Before the 1600s the word ‘porridge’ was not used but the practice of grinding and cooking cereals in milk or water existed. This simple dish has been a popular staple in Scotland since medieval times. Scotland boasts fertile marginal upland soils, which facilitate the successful growth of cereals…

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