Sea snacks are extremely popular, but have you tried any? Here is a selection of sea snacks to try…

Shore Seaweed Clusters, Tangy Tomato are made by Shore Seaweed – Bite sized snacking clusters bursting with good for you Omega-3. Carefully roasted Scottish seaweed in naturally bound together with chia seeds, oats and puffed rice to make a satisfyingly crunchy cluster before being sprinkled with a deliciously tangy tomato seasoning.

Abakus Foods Seaweed Crisps Salt and Vinegar –  scrumptious seaweed is harvested from the deep blue seas of South Korea, and coated with a thin layer of crispy tapioca, to create the ultimate tantalising snack! available at Holland and Barrett

Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins Sweet Soy & Sea Salt are available from Sainsbury’s – Sweet soy & sea salt flavoured crispy seaweed thins.

Shore Seaweed Sea Salt Chips – available from Holland & Barrett – all natural deliciously crunchy seaweed & super grain chips seasoned with a light sprinkling of natural sea salt. 100% PLANT BASED – contains our local superfood seaweed with quinoa, to make our chips amazingly light and crispy.

Burts Lightly Sea Salted Crisps – Hand cooked crisps using potatoes from the rich earth, and salt from the wild sea.

Ocean’s Halo Organic Sea Salt Seaweed – Organic Seaweed, Organic Safflower and/or Sunflower Oil. Sea Salt.



We all love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but did you know you can turn it into an exfoliator for your skin.

So, turn your used coffee granules into a natural DIY exfoliator, a rub away those dry, dead skin cells.

With only three ingredients – four tablespoons coffee, four tablespoons sea salt or sugar and eight tablespoons olive oil.

It is full of antioxidants, and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The olive oil will keep your skin moisturised and smooth.