Sales of printed baking books in America were up 42% from October 2020 to October 2021, according to the NPD Group, the market research firm.

That’s in line with ever-growing viewing for “The Great British Baking Show” on Netflix, among other baking shows and videos, and robust sales of baking pans and tools, the group noted, writes Journal Sentinal.

I have to agree that during the lockdown I made more cakes for my family than ever before and lots of different flavours of muffins for my grandchildren. It left me wanting to do this more and more and I enjoy baking now more than I have ever done before.

Kristen McLean, the books industry analyst for NPD, observed at the time of the group’s finding that people were baking to fill their hours but found they enjoyed the creativity. They turned to books as well as streaming services and social media for inspiration, and she doesn’t expect that to stop.

I wrote my book A Little Book on Tea Cake and Chocolate back in 2018 and loved writing it and it has inspired me to write a different type of book this time. I want to write recipe ideas and tips for people who are housebound or in pain. I suffer from chronic pain in my spine and worked out lots of different ways to help me bake without it triggering a spiral of pain. There are lots of tricks and tips I can give others on how to enjoy baking no matter what your health issues are. It will lift your spirits as you watch the cake rise.

Check out The Spectator’s Lockdown creations: the best of the year’s cookery books reviewed who writes that it is impossible not to read this season’s books without a sense of how they were created in a pandemic.

According to Bakery & Snacks, 27 million brits turned to baking during the lockdown.

Source: Journal Sentinal , The Spectator, Bakery & Snacks

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