With so many Easter eggs to chose from its a bit of a mindfield to decide which one your daughter/son or relation will enjoy the most. Then you want to decide which one is best for the planet in a more recylable package as most come in large packaging.

If you choose eggs that come in easy-to-recycle cardboard boxes without plastic in them then these will be great for recycling.

Look for fair-trade eggs like Tony’s Chocolonely Easter Eggs Assortment, which are foil wrapped in an egg box.

Joe & Sephs has partnered with Divine Chocolate to create the very first Fairtrade popcorn Easter egg.

This first of its kind chocolate egg combines a seriously smooth thick Divine milk chocolate shell embedded with our delicious Salted Caramel popcorn – it’s an irresistible combination of soft and crunchy, and sweet and salty with the contrast of milk chocolate and popcorn.

Each pack comes with two 18g packets of our Fairtrade Salted Caramel popcorn too – just in case you need more to munch on!

Meaningful Chocolate Company, it is completely plastic and palm oil free, coming from a sustainable business that gives a large percentage of their profits to charity. It also comes with a 24-page story and activity book about Jesus to “celebrate the real meaning of Easter.

Hotel Chocolat dozen eggs use natural ingredients only to provide the rich array of flavours you’ll find in this sumptuous set of quail eggs. From smooth Madagascan vanilla and freeze-dried real raspberries to lightly-toasted macadamia nuts and sea salt caramel, we make the most of nature’s gifts to bring you eggs worth cracking open. The sustainable egg box is made from bagasse, a sugarcane by-product which is compostable, biodegradable and a great alternative to plastic.

Finally, Love Cocoa sell Gooey Salted Caramel Good Eggs which are coated in single-origin milk chocolate and encased in a crunchy sugar shell. These are sure to be a new favourite!

  • Free from palm oil 
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Slavery-free
  • Made from single-origin chocolate
  • Comes in plastic-free packaging, beautifully designed by us in London.

A great tip on how to find out if the egg you have chosen is in recylable paper is…

Recyle Now sugget a scrunch test to see if your foil wrapper is recyclable. It if scrunches and does not spring it is safe to be recycled. If it springs back, the foil has a plastic lining and cannot be recycled.

Source: Recycle Now Jo & Sephs Hotel Chocolat Love Cocoa



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