William Harcourt-Cooze (famous for getting people talking about chocolate) have made ‘Willie’s Cacao Chef’s Drops.

The cooking chocolate has a high percentage of cacao buter so it melts easily and gives a glossy sheen.

Plus the drops mean easier measuring.

They have different flavours from Rio Caribe 72, for coffee and nutty notes, or Sambirano 71, for summer and fruit flavours, http://www.williescacao.com

Enter the website and click the link to Willies TV and you will be inspired by his recipes and read his diary or read about the farm he has which has been growing cacao since 1996, at the Hacienda El Tesoro, a beautiful farm in the breathtaking heights of the Henri Pittier National Park in Venezuala.

Read about how the chocolate is harvested, and the step by step process into making the cacao. Then browse through the products until your mouth waters thinking of the choice available.

Along with cacao being available to buy online they also have books and gifts which can also be purchased from stockists, which are also listed on the site.

The journey through this site was fascinating from beginning to end which is beautifully written and fabulous to look through.



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