With so many flavours around now it is difficult to decide which one to choose, so I thought I would start commenting on different tastes of tea. For this post I will be talking about Ginger and Lemon.
There are a number of supermarkets that have this tea from M&S Lemon, ginger and ginseng tea, Aldi diplomat lemon and ginger, Tesco lemon and ginger infusion and the usual tea maker Twinnings, lemon and ginger tea.

Lemon is a refreshing taste and ginger can be very soothing but they all have there own individual taste. The cheapest is Aldi and the most expensive is Twinnings, but you may have offers at your local supermarket.

For me personally, Marks & Spencers was the nicest with a lovely lemony rich flavour. It has a number of ingredients including 28% lemon peel, 22% ginger as well as lemon balm, lemon grass, cassia bark, lemon oil and ginseng. The Aldi tea was the only one with ‘ flavourings’, but at the end of the day the taste is very personal.


2 thoughts on “ARE YOU READY FOR A CUPPA…

  1. I love ginger and lemon tea. But one thing I’ve found – if I drink it before bedtime it makes me have hot flushes in bed. I’m okay during the day, it just gets me at bedtime and I wake up all clammy. Twinings is my preferred brand.


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