tea sets

‘I do wish this teapot would pour like a dream!
Try one of these scones, I can pass you the cream’.

‘Well, thank you, but no, for I must watch my weight,
Just look at those slices of damson and date!’

;Just look at that table: I say, what a sight –
It looks like those women are starting a fight!’

‘I’ll wait for the cuckoo clock – mustn’t be late:
It’s supper at seven and soiree at eight.’

‘No manners these days – not a ‘thank you’ or ‘please’,
Those women are worse than the zoo’s chimpanzees’.

‘I do love Darjeeling and jasmine at four –
Tea settles the stomach; I’ll pour us some more’,

‘I really can’t take it – I wish I could stay:
The noise from that table will drive me a …!’

By Caroline Gill

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