They say that Dorset holds the UK’s best kept food secret.

It’s the home of Honeybuns, which is a hands on team who make the most delicious cakes, cookies, layered shortbreads, brownies and savouries.

Emma Gross-Custard is the brainchild of Honeybuns which she started in 1998 when as a student, she delivered homemade tasty goodies to the foodies in Oxford from her push bike.

Now Honeybuns has grown through word of mouth and recommendations. Each cake is still handmade and slow baked in the vintage oven and all but two of their cakes are gluten free, with four dairy free.

They have won awards and have a book coming out this May which has 100 gluten free recipes in it.

Vintage and Retro is central to the company with the renewed interest very fashionable at the moment. They have their own little bee shack cafe,which used to be a chichen hut.

More information and how you can buy their products go to their website http://www.honeybuns.co.uk


12 thoughts on “HONEYBUNS…

  1. Yes, I just wish it was nearer. How are you today Bushka? I’m feeling a lot better now that my temperature has come down and slept for England this afternoon? 🙂


    1. Isn’t it a shame its not nearer, well it is nearer for you Janet but not for me. I’ve got some treats coming to me from them so I will have to do another review. :)x


  2. Hi it’s Emma from Honeybuns- just wanted to thank you very much for featuring us. Can we send you a little parcel of treats Barmac?
    If you’re ever popping down our way- do let us know & we’ll get the china out & pop kettle on!
    If you can drop us a postal address at thebee@honeybuns.co.uk we’ll gladly send you a treat box. Em x


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