What a lovely surprise I had when I arrived home yesterday. A parcel from ‘Honeybuns’, http://www.honeybuns.co.uk with some goodies in it for me.

The cake slices choice was ‘Milk Chocolate Brownie’, ‘Almond Cookie’, ‘Chocolate Caramel Shortbread’, ‘Snowy Hills’, and ‘Almond Moon’.

I bet your mouth is watering now……..

Of course I had to try one !!!!! and the ‘milk chocolate brownie’, was deeeelicious and very moorish.

My son went to work this morning with the ‘almond moon’, which he said was very, very nice.

All the cakes can be frozen for up to a year which is ideal if you are buying it mail order as you can buy a few at a time.

I’ve frozen the rest except for the ‘chocolate caramel shortbread’ which just might have to be eaten tonight. But I have been a very good girl this week so I’m sure I’m allowed it.

11 thoughts on “YUM, YUM, YUM, YUM YUM HONEYBUNS…

    1. I know C phoned me as I was just leaving Dads to say there was a parcel waiting for me. That’s the first ever thank you I’ve had for writing a nice review. 🙂


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