afternoon tea

I’m sure you all know someone who could win an award for their best dish so forward this link to them or maybe nominate them for one.

The categories that the finalists will be competing in are as follows:

1. Best Pie

2. Best Dessert

3. Best Cold Drink

4. Best Hot Drink:

5. Best Main Dish (sponsored by Trinity Leeds)

6. Best Sandwich

7. Best Looking Mobiler

8. Best Snack

9. Best Breakfast

10. Best Of The Best

If you want to enter the 2012 British Street Food Awards, click here for more details

The writer/organiser of the British Street Awards says on his blog that ‘The best street food is cheap and fresh. Unlike a lot of restaurant food, which is expensive and left standing on a hot-plate until some sniffy waiter deigns to pick it up and bring it to your table. And street food is all about offering the kind of food that the British people actually want to eat. Restaurants still seem to be hung up on some received notion of what constitutes ‘good food’. On the street isn’t the place for that kind of snobbery.’ My sentiments exactly.

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