clarks tea rooms

It’s worth a visit to the lovely Georgian village of Easingwold to appreciate the lovely tea rooms and cafes available. The Clark’s have two to choose from, Clark’s Tea Rooms, Market Place, Easingwold, Yorkshire, YO6 3AG Tel No 01347 823143. This tea shop has all the same cakes, breads and pastries sold at their other shop ‘Clark’s Cafe’ bakery.

It’s divided into three rooms with walls adorned with local artists work and a smokers parlour at the back.The position of this tea shop in the central Market Place is perfect for a stop while shopping where you can enjoy their delicious home-made cakes and a refreshing pot of tea.

Clark’s Cafe, 195 Long Street, Easingwold, Yorkshire, YO6 3JB Tel No 01347 821285. This shop started back in 1925 when the Clark’s grandmother-in-law used to make scones and tea and sell it from the kitchen window to road repair men and cyclists.

You can see from the displays of canal-wares around the room that the owners enjoy narrow boats.

There is also a pretty garden with outside seating for the good weather months.

Everything is made on the premises with the speciality being the all day breakfast, ploughman’s lunch and the set afternoon or cream tea. This comes with a selection of sandwiches, scones with cream and cakes and pastries. http://www.clarksbakers.co.uk/history.html

But another one not to be missed is TeaHee! Cheesemonger & Espresso Bar which offers a warm welcome and a wealth of deliciously indulgent treats. TeeHee! is at 3 Tollbooth Cottage, Market Place, Easingwold, Yorkshire YO6 13AB Tel No 01347 823533

It’s such a brilliant name and one your sure to remember.

Leaf tea and freshly ground coffee accompany a colourful menu of soups, sandwiches and salads. A daily specials board reflects the best local, seasonal produce.TeaHee! also offers an excellent selection of British farmhouse cheese, a deli crammed with goodies and a counter stacked with tempting homemade cakes.



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  1. I remember a lot of tearooms in Christchurch when I was a youngster – back in the 1950’s we still had a strong English influence. And then in the 60’s American-style milkbars – and then the coffee bars and other American influences.


      1. Still remember a thing or three. They were great days when NZ’s economy was NO2 or 3 in the World. Peaceful days,pre-technology advances. Days at the beach, and rivers ran pure!


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