I wonder if you know ALL about chocolate.

It was discovered 2,000 years ago in the tropical rain forests of the Americas.

The first people to have eaten chocolate were the Classic Period Maya (250-900 AD) – they mixed ground cacua seeds with seasoning’s to make a bitter spicy drink which was said to be good for your health.

The cocoa pod was used in religious rituals, marriage ceremonies and was said to be a food of the gods, to have wisdom, and aphrodisiac qualities. They say that Casanova, made a habit of drinking chocolate before his romantic escapades !!!!!!!!!

The first machine made chocolate was produced in Barcelona in 1780 and the first ever chocolate bar was made by the British chocolate maker Fry & Sons in the early 1800’s.

By 1868, the first Valentines Day chocolate was made by Richard Cadbury.

Studies have shown that dark chocolate is good for your heart, it can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Only a small bar per day though :):)

27 thoughts on “DID YOU KNOW… ABOUT CHOCOLATE ?….

      1. NOW….THAT is a very wise decision………Much healthier, too. You are more likely to ‘stay on proper chocolate’…..:lalala: ;)xxx


  1. Normal Brits like milk chocolate, however I’m not normal! I love dark chocolate, especially Jamaican Rum by Cadburys, sadly you can’t get it here in NY :(…and as far as the words ‘small bar a day’ goes depends on your definition of ‘small’!


    1. Oh sorry bda, I had to write it AFTER I’d eaten mine so I know what you mean. Feel full to the brim tonight after cooking pancakes for Dad and indulging in toooooo much chocolate :)):))


      1. Dieting is definitely boring – you are obviously like me with your chocolate bda, in that once you start you can stop until its all gone!!! My daughter was saying her partner came home a couple of nights ago and saw a LARGE empty chocolate wrapper on the side and said, ‘Oh dear, what’s up love’, her answer was ‘I can’t seem to lose any weight so I thought I’d eat the lot’, now that’s a girl after my own heart, lol :))


  2. I did know about the Mayans but I did NOT know about the first machine made chocolate in Barcelona. That should come in handy on Trivia Night at my local pub.

    Thank goodness I’m Jewish and don’t have to give up chocolate for lent. That would be a deal-breaker, I’m afraid.

    Remember: Save the earth! (We’re the only planet with chocolate.)

    Warmest aloha,
    Kay in Honolulu, Hawaii


    1. Wow Kay from Honolulu, thanks for passing through and leaving your comment. This would indeed ebe a great trivia night question.

      I’m trying to stop chocolate for lent, milk that is not dark of course :)):):)


  3. Anywhere we’re talking about chocolate … you’ll find ME!

    There aren’t too many chocolatiers who make really good milk chocolate, but I have found a couple. But for the most part … it’s dark all the way for my tastes. And to think it’s actually good for me, well … that’s a bonus!


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