FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT – 27th February – 11th March…

Fair trade

Fairtraide fortnight is a chance to get involved and shout about all things Fairtrade!!!

Its about improving trade for farmers in developing countries by ensuring they get better prices and better working conditions. It helps to improve their lives and prevent discrimination against poorer producers.

Boostingawareness of this will help to get the Fairtrade Message heard. ‘2012’s theme is ‘Take a Step’ by simply swapping your usual groceries for a Fairtrade brand. (I swapped my usual supermarket roses for some fairtrade ones yesterday).

For more details and lots of ideas on how to raise awareness go to the website http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/

8 thoughts on “FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT – 27th February – 11th March…

  1. I’m a Fairtrade fan, Barbara, so thanks for flagging this up! And some people might not know that it’s possible also to buy ‘fairtrade clothes’ – eg M and S do tee shirts made of fairly traded cotton.

    And fairtrade drinking chocolate is especially nice! :yes:


  2. Thank you Fairtrade fans!

    Did you know there’s loads of info on Fairtrade sugar, tea and cocoa producers on the Fairtrade site? http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/producers/default.aspx

    You may also be interested in our producer tour:http://fairtradeproducertour.tumblr.com/

    If you’d like to help spread the word, please:

    1. Follow us on Facebook, post on our wall, have a chat with our supporters, like our wall posts, share our posts on your page

    2. Tweet your steps for Fairtrade using #takeastep #fairtradefortnight, #fairtrade

    3. Watch, like and share our films on YouTube – and add your own

    4. Add photos to Flickr and share them




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