banbury, yorkshire 031

FOODIES DELI & TEA ROOM, Market Place, Deddington
Oxfordshire OX15 0SA

On our way home from Banbury we had a slight detour to the village of Deddington to visit an Antique’s Centre, which I will write about tomorrow. After browsing the floors and floors of antiques we soon developed a thirst and were sent by the Antique Centre owner to ‘Foodies’ which was just down the road.

The tea room offered a relaxed atmosphere, and a friendly table service.
We decided to try what appeared to be very popular with the locals and both had a tea cake and a cup of tea from a choice of teas including Earl Grey, Assam, Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong, green tea and fruit infusions.

We were not disappointed and as you can see by my photo below they were one of the largest tea cakes I have ever seen.

We then bought some lovely cheeses from the deli before making our way home after a couple of lovely days spent in Banbury in Oxfordshire.


  1. I love this part of the world. My family are from the Cotswolds, have you ever tried Huffkins in Stow-on-the-Wold – they do a wonderful lardy cake, something I can’t get over here 😦


    1. No,never been to Huffkins but went to Stow on the Wold once so I will make a note of that one. I always like to try and find a tea shop when we go somewhere new. 🙂


      1. It is in the square opposite the town hall and does lovely cakes. OMG lardy cake is the best fruit bun ever. It is a kind of big bun with fruit made with lard and sugar, sounds awful but it is soooooo scrummy all gooey and sweet x


      2. Sounds soooo fattening so that means is HAS to be delicious, but certainly a first for me. Thanks for the info, I will have to look for a recipe and have go at it :))


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