Broadoaks Hotel WindermereBroadoaks Hotel Windermere

We have just got back from a couple of days in the Lakes, (I know I’m totally spoilt)staying at ‘Broadoaks Country House’ Hotel in Troutbeck , Windermere.

As you can see from the photos it is quite a stunning Hotel which was originally a gentlemen’s residence. It was built for a rich military man to reside during his summer breaks and was approximately resided in for six weeks of the year in its first forty years of life. It was sold in the late 1890’s to Dr Charles and Fanny Hodges. They gave the house a new lease of life by building the music room with its acoustic barrel vaulted ceiling and delicate plaster relief work designed by William Morris. This is where the original Bechstein Grand Piano purchased by Charles Hodges sits today having been recovered from Leeds in 1993.

Broadoaks is believed to be one of if not the first residence in the Windermere area to benefit from the installation of Electricity. This was supplied by Windermere Hydro-electric Company, based at Troutbeck Bridge (now Scottish Power) who purchased the land and the rights to draw water from the beck below, if you walk up the road and look down you will see the remnants of the original building. It was turned into a hotel in 1992.

The rooms are beautifully laid out with lush drapes and many four poster bedded rooms and the Hotel is dog friendly with massive gardens for them to run around in. I was also pleased to see that the tea on the tray in our room was ‘fairtrade tea’ which is advertised a lot throughout the Lakes. Afternoon teas in Cumbria are in abundance so competition is rife but theirs was absolutely delicious. This was the delicious menu.
A selection of fillings:
Cheese salad
Ham and Tomato
Smoked Salmon
Tuna mayonnaise & Cucumber
Savoury egg
Greenland prawns & Marie rose
Homemade Cakes
Victoria Sponge
Home Made Petit Fours
Tea Loaf
Freshly baked scones with fresh whipped cream and organic
strawberry preserve
Specialist Teas
A strong full-bodied tea from India which has a distinctive ‘malty flavour’
Lapsang Souchong
A Chinese tea fired over smoking pine needles, which produces a striking odour and flavour
An aromatic and astringent tea from India with a hint of almonds and wildflowers
Earl Grey
A blend of black teas scented with oil of bergamot named after Charles, 2nd Earl of Grey, who was Prime Minister from 1830 -1834
A pot of one of our specialist teas with milk or lemon
Freshly Brewed Filter or Cafetière of Coffee

For more details on the Hotel and breaks available go to their website or phone 015394 45566

Broadoaks afternoon tea


    1. Hi Bushka, your back to, hope you had a nice time. We’ve been a bit spoilt and been away a couple of days for the last two weeks. It just so happened that they were close by, one being a Christmas present. We went to Banbury last week which was lovely and the Lakes this week and ‘yes’, I feel lovely and refreshed and we even had time to call and see Dad on our way home today armed with his favourite cake that I make for him. He looked soooo well :):)


      1. Good! Glad you had a good time…..Your dada will have been pleased with the cake, I’m sure….JUst a tad less pleased than with seeing YOU! :)) Hugs! xx


    1. Oh, yes we certainly did hutt. As I said, I have been spoilt for the last couple of weeks so back to strict dieting now or should I say back to portion control again :):)


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