mrian keyes

Marian Keyes Saved by Cake
Marian Keyes, gives an honest account of her recent battle with depression, and how baking helped her overcome it.

Pitched as a kitchen novice, it’s full of beautiful pictures, easy to follow recipes and has 80 recipes for cupcakes, cheese cakes, meringues and maroons.

A lovely book well written by this well known author.

I’d like one lucky reader the chance to win this book by simply telling me in the comments section below, what your favourite cake is.

Terms & Conditions
The winner will be picked at random and the competition finishes on 31st March 2012
There is one prize on offer
The competition is only open to UK & Eire readers and you must be over 18 years to enter the competition.

Congratulations on the winner of this competion Julie, Cheadle, Cheshire

20 thoughts on ““WIN” the latest MARIAN KEYES ‘SAVED BY CAKE’ Book…

  1. The book looks fab! My favourite cake of all time is a good old classic Victoria Sponge smothered in jam and buttercream in the middle, and a sprinkling of icing sugar on top. Can’t beat an old classic like that!


  2. My favorite cake is the orange cake that my Granny used to make me for all mind childhood birthdays. A two layer orange sponge cake with orange buttercream. My attempts at an Orange Cake never turn out as blissfully delicious as Granny’s were. God Bless sweet memories, and my Granny.


  3. Bless her, my favourite is an orange cake but not like your Granny’s but I must try the orange buttercream as that sounds delicious. Mine is the soggy orange cake. You can find the recipe on this blog. Good luck with your entry 🙂


    1. All the cake was is an American 1234 cake. With half orange juice and half milk for the liquid. Then orange zest and orange juice in the butter cream. Thanks for your recipe. I love drizzly cakes.


  4. Oh Red velvet cake is basically a lightly flavoured chocolate sponge cake (the colour was originally done as a result of the cocoa powder), but most people (including me!) add red food colouring so the sponge goes a vivid red colour 😀
    My variation on the standard cream cheese icing is to sandwich a cheesecake type filling in the middle and then also use that to cover the cake – Yummy!
    To get an idea what a traditional one looks like you can see a recipe here: http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/7053/red-velvet-cake.aspx


  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Yes, sorry it wasn’t you, better luck next time. Apologies for delay but don’t know if you read on one of my other blogs, I lost a ton of posts in my computer somewhere and had to wait to get someone to find them for me.:)


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