Apple Pie

Stand Mixers – these are good for mixing and whipping, whisking and also kneading dough.

Electric Whisks – these are easy to store, perfect for creaming butter, making meringues and easy cake recipes – I couldn’t live without mine.

Mini Processors – great for purées (small amounts) and for chopping nuts and chocolate to complete your cake with ease.

Stay Cool Rolling Pin – you fill the rolling pin with icy water and it will keep the dough cool and make perfect pastry. You can also fill it with warm water and then its great for yeast dough.

Stacking bowls, anything that takes up less storage space is great.

Cake Liners – an absolute must.

Digital Scales – with some, the lid becomes the measuring bowl and you can weigh liquid and dry ingredients with the add and weigh function.

Sunflower Oil Spray – it saves messing with butter, try using the low fat cooking spray which will get into the corners of the tin if you have no liners in stock.

Silicon Pastry Brush – non stick and heat resistant to 315C so you can baste with hot oils

Of course, a couple of good spatulas and wooden spoons are also a must have.

11 thoughts on “BAKING ESSENTIALS…

  1. These are some great tips. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a good bake – only to finds you’re missing some essential piece of equipment.


  2. Don’t forget about tables and preparation areas – it’s no good having all the gear if you’ve nowhere suitable to prepare your mix! Would agree though, the essentials are all there.


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