Afternoon tea

According to AfternoonTea a recent report suggests that the great British tradition of drinking tea is under threat with a dramatic decline in sales of teapots. It seems that most of us now opt for a tea bag in a cup and demand for mugs has trebled over the last five years.

AfternoonTea are supporting the ‘Campaign for Civilised Tea Drinking’ launched by Debenhams to help reverse this decline and introduce people to the pleasures of drinking tea brewed in a teapot.

The ‘Save The Teapot’ website will help you find the perfect teapot for you needs and personality. Whether you are looking to build up a teapot collection or find something simple to brew your morning cuppa, you will find a wide range of teapots in all shapes, colours and sizes.

Browse the AfternoonTea website to view some of the finest teapots currently available in the UK from top retails including John Lewis, Debenhams, Twinings and Whittards of Chelsea.


    1. Yes, but it does taste nicer. Dad still uses his teapot which I use when I am there but I don’t use one anymore. I’m just collecting them instead :):)


    1. Me to, I’m collecting them, we bought a lovely blue and white one from a charity shop last weekend that had a face of an owl. Unfortunately C fell on his way in and smashed it but he was alright so that’s the main thing. 🙂


  1. I know this is true – it’s so much easier to throw a bag in a mug and saves washing up too … however! I dole out vast numbers of cups of tea because we have so many visitors and small groups in our house. Recently, fed-up with trotting to and fro from the kitchen to make ever more mugs of tea-bag tea, I fished out my cups and saucers and used my teapot. Much easier! Now I’m looking for a cosy 😉


  2. I like the idea of the teapot etc….. much more economical…. but I too like my tea hot and in a mug.. I suppose a teacosy is what I need for the teapot to keep it hot! There was a prog on the tv a while back saying that you should brew your tea for a longer amount of time than you’d think – as it released more healthy… er…. thingies after a longer while 😳 I can’t remember anything useful these days. ANYWAY. one should brew ones tea for at least three minutes or something to get the full benefits. something like that….xxx


  3. I still remember my mum teaching me when I was about 5 years old how to make the perfect cup of tea… from a teapot. I drink tea most days with a teabag but there is still nothing like the taste of a cuppa from a teapot


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