make tea not war

When you infuse a tea bag, cover your cup or mug to keep it hot and prevent therapeutic oils from evaporating into the air.

If you prefer loose tea but want the convenience of a tea bag then buy a ‘tea ball’ which is a neat wire mesh holder that’s like a reusable tea bag.

To make infusing easier, use a coffee cafeteria. Put in herbs, add hot water, leave for five minutes, press and pour.

Make your own tea bags using favourite herbs and empty tea bags called ‘T-Sac Tea Salters’ from Napiers.

For a medicinal tea, use an ounce of loose herbs to a pint of water, brewed for five minutes to make it strong. Use two – three teaspoons in a pot, then infuse for at least five minutes.

6 thoughts on “TEA MAKING TIPS…

    1. I’m the other way round I’m afraid Tom, we use tea bags and only loose when we run out of those and only a teapot when company call otherwise its a tea bag in a mug which I know is NOT the correct way to drink it, its just a habit.


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