Free From Food Awards

The industry’s only award for excellence for freefrom food – raising the profile of freefrom
within the industry and with the consumer.

The Free From Food Awards 2012 winners were announced recently and the winner of the Fair Trophy for the Best Free From Food 2012 was ‘VEGUSTO’ for their Diary Free Cheese.

Vegusto is a really tasty dairy free cheese with the winning cheese ‘wild aromatic’ designed to be eaten with crackers or in a sandwich beating all the competition.

Runners up were –
Anilas Sauces – Goar Green Sauce –
Bob’s Red Mill – Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour –
Daas – Ambre Beer –
Gluten Free Kitchen – Oven crust Chicken and Bacon Pie –
In Spiral – Raw Dehydrated Kale Chips – Cheesie Purple Corn –

The Innovation Award Winner was Bessant and Drury Lemon Fire Ice- Cream –

Highly Commended Winners were –
Bessant & Drury Fine Ice Cream Co Chocolate Ice Cream –
CoYo – Coconut Yoghurt Natural –
Foodswild – Cornish Stigers Nettle Beer –
Tofutti’s – Ricotta Soya Cheese Alternative –

Commended Winners were –
The Foodamentalist – Brown Bread Mix –
Provamel Botanicals – Alternative Yoghurt Apple and Green –

If you go onto the ‘Free From Food Awards’ website you can also find the winners of:-

Dairy and/or Lactose Animal Free Milk, butter and milk
Breakfast Cereals
Bread and Bread Mixes
Pasta and Pizza Bases
Foods manufactured for food services
Raw foods and super foods
Savoury Pies
Savoury Biscuits
Gluten Free Beer

8 thoughts on “THE ‘FREE FROM FOOD AWARDS’ 2012 WINNERS…

  1. Fria’s gluten- and dairy free breads are just the BEST! The Grova bread which won in the Best Bread category is the best gluten free sandwich bread I’ve tasted. And it’s egg and nut free as well. My whole family love it so we can all eat the same bread. Fria’s Grov Minibaguette is also amazing. And their Kladdakaka – possibly the nicest chocolate cake there is. It should have won the cake category!!!!!!!


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