NATIONAL HONEY WEEK MAY 7th – 13th (Especially for Hutt)…

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New Zealand Honey Co is set to launch two new, unique manuka honeys, supported by a recipe programme, to excite consumers during National Honey Week (May 7 to 13).

The brand, which is known for its focus on healthy, mono-floral honeys is leading the way in innovation with the launch of Manuka with Lemon Honey and Manuka with Root Ginger Honey, some of the first manuka honeys infused with natural fruit flavours and whole root spices in the premium sector. The addition of natural, ancient remedies – lemon and root ginger – not only boost the healthiness of this natural antibacterial honey with added Vitamin C, but also deliver interesting tastes to appeal to consumers’ culinary repertoires.

Manuka Honey is well known for its health properties so New Zealand Honey Co has also developed a range of recipes, using the products, to communicate the versatility of the honeys, not only as a breakfast option, but also as an ingredient in a whole range of meals.

New Zealand Honey Co, is the largest independent producer of natural honey in New Zealand, entered the UK market in 2006 and has since gone from strength to strength. The range – that has specifically researched health benefits – appeals to those looking for a healthier alternative.
For more ideas on the health benefits of honey –

11 thoughts on “NATIONAL HONEY WEEK MAY 7th – 13th (Especially for Hutt)…

  1. Thats real good honey, that manuka – from the manuka trees. Costs a bit more than regular honey, but that is really good. have it on toast too! I keep an eye out in the supermarkets.


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