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While on our break in Edinburgh we decided to visit the famous Royal Yacht Britannia which is now based in the historic port of Leith and classes as a ‘must-see’ tourist attraction.

It has played host to some of the most famous people in the world but home to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family has been its main business.

You can view the heart and soul of this most special of royal residences on either a guided tour or walk round yourself listening to all its history via a mobile phone.

I found it absolutely beautiful and had to sample some gorgeous cake in the ‘Royal Deck Tea Room’, which was built when the boat was retired. We had a choice of fruit and cheese scones,lemon drizzle cake and carrot cake, all of which were delicious and a must if you get chance to go round it,

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  1. The tea room wasn’t there when Becci and I visited…mind I did sit on ‘Her Majesty’s Throne’ I was desperate and would prob got chucked off if anyone found me.

    I do have a souvenier T Towel…never used that Becci got for me there.

    Did you have the ‘audio’ tour thing? We paid for this to go round and listen to each room etc.

    Did you not think that whilst it is a ‘ship’ of the era…was rather drab in decor?

    P xx


    1. I bought a fridge magnet as my souvenier as I collect them. Yes, we did the audio tour thing which was a phone that you tapped a number into it in each room or area that you went to. I loved it – I’ve got a fun picture of me doing a Kate Winslet which I will post later 🙂

      I felt the decor was homely but yes a tad drab but I think the thing that shocked me the most was the size of it. I don’t know if its because I been on a cruise ship and it’s a Yacht but somehow I thought it would be bigger. I really enjoyed going round it and the afternoon tea in the tea room. xx


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