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Assam is the tea-growing region in North East India that gives us our wonderful strong and malty tea. Twinings are working with UNICEF to improve the lives of 7,000 young girls who live there on the tea gardens with their families.

Twinings and UNICEF have found that most teenage girls and women living in these tea communities are anaemic due to poor diet. And sadly for these girls who often marry very young, there is a very high maternal and infant mortality rate.

The project they jointly run aims to reduce anaemia through a number of activities, from the supply of iron folic acid tablets to empowering these young women with Life Skills Education.

It’s an exciting – and life-changing project – for the young women of Assam. You can go to Twinings website and read an article they have which includes a short video and a personal story directly from one of these girls.

Assam tea is used in a number of our teas; English Breakfast, Everyday tea, Traditional Afternoon tea, 1706 tea, Organic Blend, The Diamond Jubilee blend and of course their own Assam tea,

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  1. Not happy with this company right now order some pumpkin chia for the holidays and got six boxes of something else now I can’t get anyone to answer my calls to make this order right very sad


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