Tea pot cover

Tea is great for getting rid of odours in your fridge. Just fill a cotton or muslin bag with green tea leaves and leave inside the fridge.

If you are using loose tea then keep it afterwards for a fertilizer. It contains useful quantities of nitrogen and other nutrients that your plants will love. Empty the leaves onto your flower bed or compost heap. Acid-loving plants like ferns, citrus trees, and gardenias thrive when you add a little tea-spiked water to their soil once in a while.

Used tea bags are great to smooth out wrinkles on your eyes.

Eye bag tea bags

Allow the tea bags to cool after steeping, then place them on sunburns and minor burns (including razor burn) for relief. If the majority of your skin needs tending, brew a tea bath and submerge yourself in the cooled-off water.

Used tea bags are great for rashes and insect bites to ease itching.

Alleviate sore or bleeding gums by putting a cooled, used tea bag over the problem spot. Tannins constrict blood vessels, which will stop the bleeding, and they reduce the swollen tissues that cause soreness.

Put a soaked tea bag on a bruise to heal it faster.

Rinse your hair with a cup of tea can make to make it shiny and easier to manage. Do this only if you’ve got darker hair, though as tea can temporarily dye light hairs.If you have light hair and want a natural change of colour, rinsing with tea water on a regular basis could add a few fun highlights.

Make your feet smell sweet by soaking them in a steeped-tea bath for 20 minutes every day. Use black tea to conquer particularly bad odours. The astringency in tea closes up the sweat-emitting pores that create the smell in the first place, and the tannins kill stinky bacteria.

Wipe down wood furniture and surfaces with a clean washcloth or rag dipped in cooled tea water. Pat dry with another cloth.

Clean dirty mirrors and pots and pans with tea, it decreases grease on other spots.



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