Lifestyle Asia has written a list of 15 of the best cooking tips learned from Chefs in 2021.

  1. Immersion blenders make great whipped cream.
  2. Sourdough belongs in bread pudding.
  3. The best biscuits have butter and shortening.
  4. Cook your pie for longer. Bake until they’re really a good colour golden-brown.
  5. Cilantro stems are for saving. Cilantro refers to the leaves of the coriander plant. It is commonly eaten as a food or used as a spice.
  6. Barista-style oat milk makes a great base for sherbet.
  7. You can use Goldfish to make an ice cream cone. Seriously !! Chef, activist, and Studio ATAO-founder Jenny Dorsey made Banana-Rum Ice Cream in Cheddar-Cracker Cones.
  8. Garlic should go in last.
  9. Parsnips belong in dessert. Krystle Swenson, the pastry chef at The Social Haus at the green o in Montana, told Lifestyle Asia that she loves to make cake using grated parsnips instead of carrots. She then tops her cake with whipped cream cheese frosting and crispy parsnip chips and fried sage garnishes.
  10. Everyone deserves a really nice vacuum sealer.
  11. Caesar salad is best served grilled.
  12. Instant coffee is a baking game-changer.
  13. Reduce wine before cooking with it for extra flavour.
  14. Shallow poaching is the perfect way to cook salmon.
  15. Harness the power of mushroom juice. For getting flavourful broth out of mushrooms wrap the mushrooms in plastic, and put them in the microwave until they’re cooked to your liking (and they’ve released some flavourful broth).

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