There are a number of collectable tea pots with some increasing in value all the time.

One such designer is Annie Rowe who was born in Lancashire and spent her childhood in London where she later studied a four year degree in Art and Design.

She has been designing collectables for over 20 years, drawing upon her love of nature and her travels around the world.

She started her working life in publishing and advertising before using her skill to create top quality collectables.

One of my favourite tea pots of hers is from The Village Teapot Collection, Spring Cottage which you can see from the photo below.

Tea pot

20 thoughts on “TEA POT COLLECTIONS…

  1. I had lots of tea pots, they used to be on the windowsills in my pub,I didn’t have the room for them when I came out of the business and gave them to a charity shop πŸ™‚


  2. What a beautiful teapot. I have a couple that are simply gorgeous and I never use them. I keep them in a hutch and look at them every now and again. Have a great evening. X


  3. Wow, I’ve never seen a teapot like that.
    I wonder if Annie Rowe fairly prolific? Or, if a lot of her stuff was circulated…

    Thanks for the post!



  4. Yay, teapots! My grandmother has tons of those in her home, and she loves to use those during tea party afternoons with her daughters and friends. I’m certainly inviting her to our new kitchen for a cup of tea. I’m sure she’d like sharing a cup with us. =)


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