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I am sure most of you will have heard of slimming tea, green tea being a popular one. However there is another one called Pu Erh which keeps popping up on the internet as also being successful for weight loss.

Apparently Pu Erh tea is the only tea that improves with age and in that respect it is very much like wine.

It is hand-picked from old and ancient large-leaf tea trees that grow high in the remote misty mountains of Yunnan, China. The leaves are fermented twice over several weeks, then dried.

It has an earthy flavour, is strong and can also be sweet and floral. It has active bacteria that work with the leaf (much like a yoghurt ) and deepens the flavour of the tea.

It is widely drunk to manage weight and cholesterol levels as well as an aid to digestion and managing weight.

The Chinese have been drinking it for almost 2,000 years. To feel the benefits they suggest that you drink one cup with each meal.

For more details on this tea you only have to go on the internet but one of sites that I thought was good is http://www.birtandtang.co.uk/birt-tang-tea-shop/slimming/pure-pu-er.html

6 thoughts on “‘PU ERH’ – SLIMMING TEA, BUT DOES IT WORK?…

    1. Like you, I haven’t tried it as just the smell of green tea makes me heave but if they bring one out that smells a little better I would not hesitate to try it 🙂


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