Kirstie Allsopp

For her to win at a country show Kirstie had master-classes from the experts.

In episode one it takes her to the Devon Show where she bust into tears (of delight) when her scones and home-made damson jam came in second place, and her whole fruit cake, came in first.

I’m sure most of us regular bakers ‘without’ the help of master-classes could have done just as well, and perhaps without the tears. Purr, purr ( I do rather like the show though).


  1. I quite like the show too but I felt sorry for the other contestants. She gets the professional help, swans in and wins with everybody making a fuss over her and all the poor regulars are struggling along doing their best year in year out and are pipped to the post etc…!! Maybe they don’t mind. (I might though, in their place? – I’d think it wasn’t fair? But then I’m childish like that maybe!)


    1. That’s exactly how I felt dt, but like you I do love the programme and her website is excellent. Even M&S have some of her products for sale in their Christmas catalogue. 🙂


      1. So she is quids in then too! :)) Can’t be bad…. But it is good to see how all these things are made…. and it is encouraging and inspiring for people to watch and then maybe have a go too….


    1. Me to a, and like I just said to dt, she has also got some of her things for sale in the Marks and Spencer Christmas catalogue. Her website is excellent 🙂


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