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Dr. Stuart’s Valerian Plus – great for sleeplessness – it has Valerian and hops, both of which are good for restlessness – available from Waitrose and Tesco.

Salus House Lemon Balm – feeling blue – it has lemon balm – available from

Pukka Harmonise Organic Herbal Tea – great for menopause – it has shavatari, a hormone mimicking herb plus relaxing vanilla and rose – available from

Napiers Aperient Tea Blend – great for slimming – it has senna, cleavers and yarrow which aids elimination and help detox your system – available from

Leaf Teas Balancing Infusion – great for relaxing your mood – it has cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, rose petals and coriander to soothe your mood – available from

Yogi Tea Calming Tea – great for stress – it has gotu kola and lemon grass to support the nervous system, plus chamomile and lavender – available from

Pukka Herbs Detox Tea – great for bloated waistlines – it has cardamom, coriander, fennel and celery seeds to relax the digestive system – available from Tesco and

Napiers Back Ache Blend – great for aching backs (of course) – it has pulsatilla, spearmint rose and cramp bark which have relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects – available from

Neal’s Yard Remedies Beautiful Skin Tea – great for blemished skin – it has antioxidant properties of rosehip, bilberry, goji fruit and orange.

Birt and Tang ImuPlus Herbal Tea – great for colds and sneezes – it has astralagus and licorice in it – available from


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