Keep Calm and Bake Cakes

Choc Scones
200g (7oz) Self Raising Flour
25 g (1oz) Cocoa
5ml (1tsp) Baking Powder
55g (2oz) Butter
25g (1oz) Sugar
25g (1oz) Chocolate Chips
1 Egg,
¼ pt (150ml)Single Cream
Sift flour, cocoa and baking powder into a bowl and rub in butter.
Add sugar and chocolate chips
Beat egg and cream together and stir into mixture to make a soft dough
Turn onto floured surgace and knead lightly.
Pat out to a 2cm (¾ “) thickness and cut into rounds using a 2” (5cm) scone cutter.
Lightly knead dough together and make more socnes.
Brush scones with milk and bake Gas 7.425F 220C for 12 – 15 mins

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I am a mum and wife to a lovely caring family. I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for over 30 years and started writing my first blog in 2007 which covered back and chronic pain. Since then I have written many more blogs for myself and customers. I find it takes me away from my pain to another place. I love it so much I think it should be part of a recovery process after illness or surgery. I hope you enjoy reading through my blogs.


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