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After home baking comes homemade sweets. Award-winning confectioners Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood share their passion for all things sugary and sweet and their enthusiasm for their craft is nothing short of infectious. In a new four-part series starting this August on BBC Two, this fun-loving couple put on the rubber gloves, pull out the heavy-bottomed pans and strain, squeeze, shape and craft their lovingly made confections.

The couple will show how to recreate childhood favourites like Pulled Butter Toffee, Leather Roll-ups, Sherbet Dippers, Cinder Toffee and Turkish Delight. They will also showcase modern treats such as Gin and Lime Truffles, Tequila Chilies, Salted Seashell Caramels and Gingerbread Latte Fudge.

Travelling across the UK, Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood seek out the best ingredients – from tailored gin in Cambridge to the world’s best butter in Country Antrim. We’ll learn about the apothecaries of old at St Thomas’s Herb Garret in London and take a trip down memory lane to Miss Hope’s childhood sweet shop in Heaton, Newcastle.

Kim Shillinglaw, Controller, BBC Two says “From Lorraine Pascale to Tom Kerridge, BBC Two has a strong track record of introducing innovative new culinary talent and I’m delighted Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood are bringing their passion and energy to the channel for this delectable new series.”

Miss Hope says: “I am tickled pink that I will be on the tellybox whipping up lots of your favourite playground sweets plus some new, mouth-watering treats!”

Commissioning Editor for the BBC Maxine Watson says: “Who doesn’t love sweets? Kitty and Mark succeed in putting a modern spin on old favourites, while adding a few spicy surprises.”

Sweets Made Simple is produced by Melanie Jappy for Screenchannel Television.

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