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The Chocolate Show starts tomorrow at Olympia West, London until October 19th. There will be lots on offer to see including demonstrations of chocolate recipes by top chefs, a chocolate fashion show(hope it’s not tooooo hot) workshops for children and lots more…

The Chocolate Show will host a culinary theatre so visitors can take a seat and learn tips, techniques and how to create their own chocolate delights from the masters.

Stars of the show including Michelin-starred Atul Kochhar, Great British Bake Off champions Edd Kimber and John Whaite and chocolatiers Paul a Young and Will Torrent, will showcase the diversity of chocolate in a series of live demos.

The show will also be putting the spotlight on pastry chefs, with former Fat Duck pastry chef Hideko Kawa and pastry chefs from the 5-star The Berkeley Hotel and Café Royal Hotel taking to the stage. One of the most exciting patisserie talents of his generation, France’s 23-year old Guillaume Sanchez will also be joining the show for his first ever appearance in the UK.

The Chocolate Club welcomes budding chefs every day for fun and educational culinary activities.

In the world of the Chocolate Club, the children are in charge, with their own chef’s hat. A chance to dive into the world of chocolate and be transformed into a culinary artist.

All activities are held in partnership with York Cocoa House.

– Chocolate Making from cocoa beans to chocolate bar
– Make your own chocolate lollipop – learn how to temper chocolate with our really simple method before making your own chocolate treat to take home.
– Become Willy Wonka with some crazy chocolate combinations – make your own chocolate bar with some weird & wonderful chocolate flavour combinations.
– Become a Chocolate Artist – Use chocolate as a paint, a glue or to make beautiful creations
– Create your own box of chocolates


Salon du Chocolat created the unique idea of bringing together the talents of chocolatiers and fashion designers and bringing to life a world famous chocolate fashion show.
See the incredible outfits our talented chocolatiers have created in the UK version of this incredibly show.

The world famous Chocolate Fashion Show with stunning couture outfits made and inspired by chocolate will be presented during the Gala Evening on 16th October.
Visitors of the Chocolate Show will discover these exceptional creations during the fashion show hold every day at 5:00pm and at a dedicated exhibition.

The public will discover the delicious and chocolatey interpretations of:
Lindt Master Chocolatier and Paul Wayne Gregory & Caroline McCall
Mark Tilling and Sue Hodges for Squires Kitchen
Café Royal & Alexandra Harper Millinery
The Chocolatier – Aneesh Popat
Anita Thakker of Fruitful Blooms Chocolatiers
Bruno Mirmont for Maison Boissier
Quentin Gianora & Lucie Bennett
and Carolyn Roper for AOFM Pro

All I can really say is ENJOY…

Chocolate Fashion Show


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    1. Oh me to gill, can you imagine the smell when you walked in. I am amazed at the Fashion Show though, you would seriously think it would melt. I can taste it now…….


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