I’ve only gone and done what my other half has been telling me to do for a while, and opened an Etsy shop with my hand made cards.

I’ve been making hand made cards for years but have only sold them in a local Post Office and given them to friends and family. But because I love making them so much I have quite a lot of them and my husband has been saying for a while that I ought to open an online shop with my cards.

I knew I quite fancied the idea but felt that the competition was so great that maybe it wasn’t worth the effort. But I have finally made the leap and opened up Cards By Barmac on Etsy.

So here are a few made earlier. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, just as long as it’s good. No, only joking the more reviews I get the harder I will try.

dsc03833 dsc03834 dsc03841-1 dsc03867 dsc03873 dsc03877

Obviously there are lots more but I shall keep popping some on here for you to look through. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.



2016-03-17 14.06.58

It all started with this cream and black one which was a piece of fabric I found in the ‘fabric ends’ bag for £1 – it just fitted the cushion I had for the bedroom (which is all cream and black) and I had enough braid left from my previous projects, to put it down each side.

My sewing machine broke down making this first one but I decided to just make them by hand instead, and the second one I made was another piece of fabric from the same ‘fabric ends’ bag again for £1.

2016-03-17 14.08.06I decided to add some buttons to each corner for this one, just to give it a different look. I then had the bug and I went to Dunelm Mill to have a look at what they had in their ‘end of line’ bags.

I couldn’t find anything I liked in that bag except for some cream rope braid which was a £1 so I bought that but found two lovely fabrics which I really loved. You could buy them in half metres and so the next two I made were the ones below.

2016-03-17 14.08.12

2016-03-17 14.08.16

Finally the last two I have made (so far) were these two checked ones (below) for my bedroom. I haven’t put a zip in any of them but finished them with invisible thread instead. I can easily unpick that when they need a wash.

2016-03-17 14.07.31

2016-03-17 14.07.23

I’ve got another couple to make yet from the £1 bag but I am really pleased with these. What do you think? …..




Made By Hand Online is the brainchild of two friends from Devon who have brought together a whole community of makers to promote the Craft industry, and sell high quality craft directly to the public – online.

They both share a deep interest and respect for the making community and felt frustrated by how hard it is to buy good quality handmade products – not because they don’t exist but because for some reason they’re not accessible to the public in the same way as the mass-produced. Their value is often misrepresented online and this makes it hard for customers to find what they want.


They say that ‘Madebyhandonline.com aims to make it easy to buy what you really want. Our collection represents a highly selective mix of the finest makers from UK and Ireland, with an enviable group of jewellers, ceramic artists, furniture makers, textile designers and fashion accessory makers as well as beautiful pieces made from glass, willow, metal and leather. We’re so pleased to be working with so many fabulous makers of contemporary craft and hope you will join us in supporting and promoting their incredible skills’

They sponsor some of the UK’s leading Craft and Design events, including The Contemporary Craft FestivalMADE London, MADE BrightonMade By Hand Wales and The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. I could spend ‘all’ day looking around this site and end up with so many things I want to buy. Truly, different and unique pieces and well worth a visit.




ebay 013

My little bit of braiding project started when I decided to recover my bedroom stool which was looking  a bit worse for wear, with some of my left over curtain fabric.

I soon realized that I did did not quite have enough to completely cover the stool, so I popped out to buy some braiding to put around it.

ebay 010

As you can see it worked perfectly.

ebay 011

I then had another brainwave and took the sample I had left to see if it was the same colour as my lampshades in the conservatory. The lampshades are not old but the sun had made the glue show through around the bottom and top, so I thought putting the braiding around would disguise this.

ebay 002

This also worked perfectly – I just wish I’d thought of taking the photos as a before and after but I am sure you can get the gist of my little projects.

ebay 001

The braiding I bought was Dunelm‘s Premier Braid at only .69p a metre !





Are you ready to make a living from your craft? If your answer is ‘yes’ then Kari Chapin’s book ‘Grow Your Handmade Business’, will help by applying her trademark you-can-do-it coaching style to the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and covering all the issues involved in turning your creative hobby into a successful business.

Kari draws the reader up through successive layers of consciousness, moving steadily toward that crucial juncture where “what you do”and”how you think”are absolutely in harmony. It is right at this point where you can grow your business, just as if you were tending a garden. There’s no mystery to the process, just a vigilant management of many tasks, all of which work together toward simple sustainability.”

This book is the follow up from the successful The Handmade Market Place. That book was aimed at people new to selling handmade this one is more about achieving long term business goals. The main focus of the book is on business planning, and writing a business plan.

A great book for someone interested in making their craft into a business and available from Amazon and other good book publishers.