Cream teas are very popular in tea rooms in Devon and Cornwall where cream teas originated from.

There is some evidence that cream teas were invented by monks in Tavistock at the turn of the century, who prepared them for workers rebuilding the town’s Benedictive Abbey.

They say that they proved so popular that monk’s continued to serve them to passing travellers after the construction was finished. Taken from ‘A Miscellany of Britain’ by Tom O’Meara.


11 thoughts on “CREAM TEAS…

  1. Ooh I do love my cream teas :>> funnily enough I went out with the local ramblers the other day near here and had a gorgeous cream tea Barmac warmed scones with the nicest jam I have ever tasted with lashings of cream it was soooo delicious that I am going back again with my daughters next week it was that delicious :)) xx


    1. Oh do give me the name of it lilian and I will do a review on it from your comments 🙂 I adore it, the whole package with lots of cream and scones – they did them on the cruise ship and the scones were warm. Its making my mouth water just thinking about it. 🙂 x


      1. I certainly will Barmac we are suppose to be going next Thursday (will save you some :))) the people who own and run are lovely friendly folk too its a very popular tea shop 🙂 xx


    1. Well, the last one I had was on the cruise ship and no sooner do they clear up the Buffet lunch which finishes at 3pm, then they set up the afternoon tea and the scones are warm (yum, yum) with an array of sandwiches and mini cakes. Perfect idea to try all the differen cakes 🙂 x Gosh my mouth is watering as I write. Do you like afternoon teas huttriver? 🙂


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