I have it on good authority, from blog friend Skyla 7777,that Yogi Choco Tea is absolutely gorgeous and also the tea bags have little positive messages hanging off the bag like ‘take time to contemplate and deliberate’ .

Its available from lots of different health stores online but also available at Holland & Barrett which is where I am going to get some from tomorrow.

Apparently it was inspired by the ancient Aztec´s most respected drink, “Xocoatl”: chocolate, cassia cinnamon, vanilla, and pepper. A children’s favourite, Choco has a mild chocolate flavour with a touch of spice. In addition to being a bio-organic product, the majority of ingredients in Choco are produced according to the guidelines of Fair Trade in cooperation with gepa.

For best results it says to leave it for 7 minutes to steep in boiling water and then sit back and enjoy this rich chocolate tea.


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