Clivedon House Hotel, in Taplow has claimed that it has launched the world’s most expensive afternoon tea.

It has been created by their head chef Carlos Martinez whose afternoon tea for two, which costs £550 per couple ! includes white truffles at £2,250 per kilogram, Beluga caviar at £4,000 per kilogram, and Da Hong Pao Tea,which is harvested from one-thousand-year-old plants.

Included in your afternoon tea is a glass of Dom Perignon Rose champagne and cake using Amedi Porcelana, which is the most expensive chocolate in the world.

If you want to finish of with a coffee then expect to pay £50 per cup for a very rare coffee they use is Kopi Luwark.

The hotel will be donating 50 per cent of profits from each afternoon tea sold between June 12 and July 12 to Marie Curie Cancer Care!!

I think I’ll stick to a good old fashioned afternoon tea.



  1. I think you cant beat home made scones ,home made raspberry jam and clotted cream . Along with a drop dead ginger cake and you have perfection in your own place .Earl grey now available in tea bags and you have it.
    Personally i wouldnt want to pay that for a meal little alone afternoon tea.

    I suppose some people will pay for it just to be able to say they have had the most expensive afternoon tea.I think some people dont realise that others are in the credit crunch that this is really quite ridiculous.

    As i said im sticking to my own.


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