Their story started in 1706. Back then, the most popular drinks in England were coffee, gin and ale – even at breakfast! Although tea had been drunk in China for thousands of years, it had only just been imported to England, and lots of people were suspicious of it.

One man who was sure that it would be big was a certain Thomas Twining. Having had enough of drinking ale in the morning, he started selling tea from his coffee house on London’s Strand, promising only to sell the finest qualities and varieties. His pledge soon won him (and his tea) lots of fans – including Jane Austen and Charles II. By the 1750s, tea was the most popular drink among the working classes. Despite anger from pub owners and increased tea taxes, Thomas Twining kept selling tea – now from The Golden Lyon, the very first tea shop in London.

More than 300 years later, we are all still enjoying his well-balanced teas.

To celebrate the Royal Wedding they have developed a wonderful Royal Wedding commemorative blend tea, it’s a White Earl Grey with Rose Petal. Just brew this tea for 1 minute, it’s perfect without milk (but nobody will worry if you add a drop of milk, depending on your taste).  The colour is a light amber with lovely fragrant rose notes.
This Royal Wedding commemorative blend tea is available in 20 envelopes in either a Blue or Black commemorative tin tea caddy – something to remind you of this special occasion in years to come.
We have also teamed up with PiP Studio with a collection of porcelain, tea towels, napkins and tableware.  Prices start from £5.99 so its a perfect opportunity to brighten up your Royal Wedding Tea Party with colourful, country style china.


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