It was sad to read in that after 92 years of service, a cake shop, called ‘Sterchi’s’ in Filey, North Yorkshire is about to close.

It’s heyday, it said, was in the 1930’s when afternoon tea and light supper were an every day part of British life.

The shop opened in 1924/25 but now with big shops eating up all the little shops, it just came down to basic book balancing, that made them decide it was time to close the doors.

The owners Mr Philip Cammish and Mrs Sue Cammish, were very sad to have to close the shop. They have been overwhelmed with letters and phone calls bemoaning the closure.


9 thoughts on “THE CLOSING OF A TEA SHOP…

  1. Very ad…:yes: I know the shop…we often went there when we lived in Yorkshire – spent many delighful ‘breaks’ in Filey…had use of a friend’s flat…not far from the Tea Shop…;)x


    1. I agree with you brokendownangel – there is nothing like a traditional afternoon tea shop, the fast food shops that are now doing ‘afternoon tea’ are nothing like the proper ones. 🙂


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