‘Ti Kuan Yin’ oolong tea is probably the best known of China oolongs. It is an aromatic and elegant tea from central Fujian province.

Legend has that a tea grower in the area would walk past an iron statue of ‘Kuan Yin’, the Goddess of Mercy, on his way to work every day. The statue stood in a small temple which was rather neglected. The tea grower started to take care of the statue, cleaning it and lighting incense.

Then, one night in a dream the goddess told him to look into a cave behind the temple for a treasure which was hidden there. When the tea grower checked the next day, he found a single tea shoot which he nurtured and cultivated and name it ‘Tea Guanyin’.

When brewed it releases a honey-coloured liquor, a sweet floral aroma and an orchid-like, smooth, delicate flavour.



  1. That’s a lovely story – never heard of it before.

    Will appreciate it more now that I know the story behind it.

    Thanks bar, am looking forward to your next ‘presentation’. 🙂


    1. Thanks hutt, I just love reading. Unfortunately or fortunately I have a lot of time on my hands due to my back problem but fortunately I do love writing and reading. Believe it or not hutt I have a big problem with short term memory which is due to a drug I am on but whenever I read something interesting to write about I write it in my note book which is always by my side. Thanks for all your lovely comments 🙂


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