According to The Lonely Planet Magazine reading ‘Street Food Revolution’ by Richard Johnson (which is a guide to finding the best pavement cuisine in the UK and Ireland) is like walking through a food court where everything is delicious, distinctive and unusual.

Nowadays you can find your burger van, fish and chip van as well as fashionable ‘Cup Cakes’ and even ‘Afternoon Tea’ joining in the list of possibles.

To cement its new found importance to the nation, there’s a British Street Food Awards which is in its 2nd year and takes place from 9-11th September this year.

The British Street Food Awards was set up in 2010 to recognise the best of the 10,000 mobilers who sell their wares on our streets. The first prize was a food mixer. This year, the winner will leave with a business makeover from M&S and a pitch to trade in the Olympic village — we’ve come a long way baby! The 2011 British Street Food Awards will be taking place at HARVEST AT JIMMY’S, on the weekend of September 9-11.

The final line up is as follows:

Café Mor [Pembrokeshire]
Lulabelle’s Lunches [Yorkshire]
Wholefood Heaven [London]
Ginger’s Comfort Emporium [Lancashire]
Flying Ducks [Surrey]
Hall’s Dorset Smokery [Dorset]
Street Kitchen [London]
Lemon Jelli [Devon]
Jalopy Pizzas [Dorset]
Chilli Gone Barmy [Suffolk]
Kolkata Street Food Experience [London via Kolkata]
The Fish Hut [Suffolk]
The Laughing Stock [Edinburgh]
Churros Bros [London]

The book, ‘Street Food Revolution’ by Richard Johnson, is available from Amazon


  1. Wow! Its sounds so good. This is a great post and it is interesting to many people. Now I know some foods that had been award. I know that all awarded foods were very delicious.


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