We all like sharp knives when it’s time to chop some ingredients for our dishes but do you know which knives are the best ones to buy or how to keep them sharp? Well, here are a few tips on some knife skills.

  1. Never, ever put knives (for chopping) into the dishwasher as it will blunt them beyond repair.
  2. To sharpen a knife, hold the steel vertically, resting the tip on a worktop. With the knife in your dominant hand, carefully run the blade from its heel to the tip in one smooth action down the length of the steel at a 20 percent angle, then repeat on the other side.
  3. Make sure your chopping board is secure on the worktop and will not move around when you start chopping on it.
  4. Buy a bamboo chopping board as they absorb less liquid than wood so are less likely to warp or crack, and are more resistant to marking from sharp knives.
  5. Try with a bigger knife to start as it will give you maximum control.

To find out more or brush up your skills take a look at tes.co/howtochop, or check out Simply Recipes on how to chop an onion.

Source: Tesco, Simply Recipes


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