Tea in Mongolia is called ‘brick’ tea, which is crushed then brewed with water and yak buttermilk. It is then strained and mixed with salt, butter and roasted grain.

In Tibet the brick tea is crushed the same then soaked in water overnight. The infusion is then churned with salt, goat’s milk and yank butter which produces a thick buttery drink.

Both Mongola and Tibet tea are drunk from a bowl rather than a cup.


12 thoughts on “TEA IN MONGOLA AND TIBET…

      1. I’m assuming you meant yak butter, which would be made from yak milk. Surely you didn’t just cut and paste without looking what it said? Tell me it ain’t so!


      2. Of course I don’t just cut and paste walrus!!!! what I meant was…… what did you mean by yank butter? as in, what’s wrong with yank butter as I had no idea that there was anything wrong with it. Comprende?


      3. First paragraph says “yak”, which is a big four legged ox thing in Tibet, but second paragraph says “yank”, which is sometimes big, usually has two legs, and as a rule is not a source of butter.

        I was just trying to point out an apparent typo in what I hoped would be an amusing way, but perhaps I will just sod off and watch TV. Sob, sniff, snivel…


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